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An automated mailing list, or Listserver, allows you to exchange e-mail messages automatically with others who have subscribed to the list. In order to take part, you have to join, and you have to accept the fact that e-mail will be sent to you through the list. This can be a great place for discussion, but by joining, you agree to be a part of a community, accepting the rules, the messages, and the occasional disagreeable idea.

If you don't like the idea of getting e-mail from people you might not know, or if you don't understand what this list does, please leave without joining. But, if you're ready to be part of a vibrant exchange of ideas, please read our rules and guidelines, then, join the fun!

What is this LIST FOR?

This list is intended primarily for members of Gold Coast Mac, those interested in the group, those interested in Macintosh, or those interested in computers in general. This is not the place to get official Gold Coast Mac announcements, though they may be duplicated here. This is a place to have fun, get help, and share opinions, as we specify in the guidelines below. If at any time you decide to leave this community, you can unsubscribe at any time just by selecting the link which appears on every message.

You can also change your list options or leave altogether by returning to this page, agreeing again to the rules and then, click on the appropriate links.

You must sign yourself up for this list, from the computer to which you want list messages sent to, using the mail account you want to handle the list. You must also remove yourself from the list. Please be clear on how this works; if you don't understand anything, please click the help link on the signup page before you join, and we will answer your question. Please do NOT ask us to sign you up or remove you!

What are the GUIDELINES?

You must read to them and agree to them before you can join. This list is a cooperative project of Gold Coast Mac and Adweb Services, which has graciously donated space on the server for this list and is helping Gold Coast Mac administer it.

Adweb offers Mac-based web hosting and Internet access services at This service is provided as-is, as available. There is no charge, but this service can be ended at any time, with or without notice.


1. While we encourage the free exchange of ideas, Gold Coast Mac discourages the use of insulting language, profanity, or obscenity. You can call someone an idiot; calling him an X$@@!(&&^% Idiot will get you a warning. Subscribers who ignore the administrator's warning may have their account suspended and, subject to action of the Gold Coast Mac board, terminated. So, write well and play nice.

2. Certain topics are not permitted on this list. We encourage discussions and questions about computers and technology; we discourage messages on topics guaranteed to inflame, such as religion or politics.

  1. We prohibit messages which discriminate against or disparage anyone based on race, gender, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, physical characteristics or handicap.

  2. We prohibit messages which discuss or support software piracy, obscenity, or any other criminal act.

3. While Gold Coast Mac and Adweb set rules for the content of this list, and attempt to police that content, by accepting a subscription you acknowledge that it is possible material you might find objectionable may find its way to your mailbox. Your use of the service constitutes your acceptance of that mail, and you agree to hold Adweb and Gold Coast Mac harmless for the content of any mail transmitted as part of this list. If you disagree with this policy, please unsubscribe now.

4. The opinions expressed on this list are those of the authors of each e-mail and not necessarily those of Adweb or Gold Coast Mac. Any technical or buying advice given as part of this list should be seen as opinion, and any action taken on the basis of that opinion is accepted as your own risk.

5. You agree not to use this list for any commercial purpose, without the express written advance consent of the Gold Coast Mac Board of Directors.

6. You agree to keep the mailbox you have associated with this list active and current. If mail sent to this list bounces, because it is closed, the mailbox is full, or any other reason, this will be noted and your account will be closed without notice, since the mailbox doesn't work anyway!

7. You agree to:

  1. Be polite in all posts to this list, and if you need to be less than polite, make your reply a private message to the person with whom you have issues.

  2. Never post 'chain letters', better know as 'send this E-mail to everyone you know' messages

  3. Not use an E-mail address where you have automatic responses, such as "I am out of the office until..." If you do use such a response, you agree to unsubscribe from the list while it's in effect.

  4. Never post "Unsubscribe" messages to the list. It's not needed and it's unfair to the others.

  5. Never post "spam" messages to the list.

In the event of a problem with any of these provisions, you may have your access suspended or terminated. If you believe that's been done, and would like to inquire, please send E-mail to [email protected], and we'll check into it. If your account has been blocked, we'll tell you why. If not, we'll try to get it fixed.

Your use of this list signifies your acceptance of these simple rules, as well as to any other rules of usage which may be added or amended from time to time. If at any time you object to the terms of use, your sole remedy is to unsubscribe.That should make the lawyers happy, but in general, if you use common sense, a little courtesy, and a sense of humor, this list will be a benefit to everyone.

Thanks for joining our online community.
Enjoy, and help it grow!